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There are many aspects to our program. The below lists the core forms, techniques, philosophy and fundamentals taught. Students may be taught other forms and elements of our kung fu at the discretion of the instructors.

To better understand time frame and `level`, the program is split into three divisions: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Achievement of black sash may granted after the student has mastered these elements and has passed a grading test. This generally takes a minimum of 4 - 6 years with dedicated practice.

Our program is designed to train the individual in 4 foundations: 1) speed/agility with proper body alignment and structure, 2) power (hard/direct), 3) soft (internal/deflection) and 4) open palm / grabbing including trips and throws. Beginner sets prepare the practitioner for the more difficult sets which train the person how to move. Combative application is practiced through pressure tested techniques at graduated levels of intensity. Developing the 4 foundations is the aim of the student and is a life long journey to develop one's own way.

The entire curriculum of forms are detailed below.  Any routine outside of the core Pak Hok Pai style is listed in italics after the description.

Beginner (white belt)

Duration 0 - 18 months

Fundamentals swords
· Basic program exercises
· Introduction to breath work, posture and meditation
· Introduction to sparring

Hand Forms
Six Power Fists (Luk Lik Kuen - 六力拳)
Shooting Stars Fist (Lau Sing Kuen - 流星拳) - Tournament Form
Reciprocating Step (Chut Yup Bo - 出入步) - Parts 1 and 2
Iron Chain Fist (Tiet Lin Kuen - 鐵練拳)

Weapon Forms
Short Stick - Lee Gar
Double Ended Staff - Lee Gar

Intermediate (green belt)

Duration 18 months - 3 years

· Introduction to continuous sparring and the philosophy of combat
· Introduction to Kam La (grappling and controlling) and Shuai Jiao (fast wrestling)
· Introduction to beginner Chi-Gung

Hand Forms
Tiger Crane Fist (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen) - Hung Gar (Lee Pang version)
Reciprocating Step (Chut Yup Bo - 出入步) - Lee Gar Tournament Form
Fists of the Baleful Star (Dei Sat Kuen - 地煞拳)
Lesser 5 Form Fist (Siu Ng Ying Kuen - 小五形拳)
Little Diamond Fist (Tien Gong Kuen - 天罡拳)
Arhat Fist (Lohan Kuen - 羅漢拳)

Soft Form / Chi Gung
White Crane Chi-Gung (Pak Hok Gung - 白鶴功)

Weapon Forms
Diamond Staff (Gum Gong Gwun - 金剛棒)
Lee's Broad Sword (Lee Pang Do) - Lee Gar
White Tiger Broad Sword (Bak Fu Do - 白虎刀)
Flying Dragon Tiger Pole (龙虎棍)  - Fut Gar
Winding Horse Straight Sword (Poon Ma Gim - 盤馬劍)
Flying Crane Straight Sword (Fei Hok Gim - 飛鶴劍)

Advanced (red belt)

Duration 3+ years

Fundamentals halberd
· Full contact sparring, San Shou and traditional combat techniques
· Chi-Gung for health and combat (Fa Jin)

Hand Forms
Fifth Brother (Ng Long) - Sil Lum
Grabbing Hands Form (Kam La Sau - 擒拿手)
Butterfly Palm (Wu Dip Kuen) - Hung Gar
Diamond Fist (Gum Gong Kuen - 金剛拳)
Arhat Exits the Cave (Lohan Chut Dong - 羅漢出洞)
Drunken Lohan (Jiu Lohan - 醉羅漢)
White Crane Fist (Pak Hok Kuen - 白鶴拳) - Lee Gar Tournament Form
Four Diamond King's Fists (Sei Dai Gum Gong Kuen - 四大金剛拳)
Ten Sets of Positive Anti-Hand (Sap Tou Zeng Fan Sau - 十套正反手)

Soft Form / Chi Gung
White Tiger Chi-Gung (Pak Fu Gong - 白虎功)
Cotton Needle (Min Lay Chum - 棉里針)

Weapon Forms
Lee's Spear (Lee Pang Spear) - Lee Gar
General Chia Yang Kwan Dao - Sil Lum
Chow Gar Staff (Chu Ka Bat Kwa Gwun - 鄒家八卦棍)
Arhat Straight Sword (Lohan Gim - 羅漢劍)
Butterfly Double Broad Sword (Wu Dip Sheung Yau Do - 蝴蝶雙刀)
Double Axe Halberd - Sil-Lum
Butterfly Knives - Bak Mei (Southern Dragon)
Peasant's Hoe - Bak Mei (Southern Dragon)
Sword versus Spear Two Man Set