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Sherwood Park Weekend Class

Since April 2010 we have been offering public classes in Sherwood Park. Starting January 2013, have been offering two classes per week at Millenium Place in Sherwood Park (once per week during the summer).  These classes are offered as part of the County of Stratchona recreation programs.  Here is the advertisement for the class:

Kung Fu
Come experience a traditional martial arts training method (Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu) that combines breath-work (Chi Gung) with a set of powerful striking and kicking movements developed by Tibetan monks centuries ago. Whether you want to learn self-defence, heal your body or just improve your agility, flexibility and strength, kung fu can help you achieve your goals. Suitable for beginners and experienced martial artists.

To register, please contact County of Strathcona Recreation - click here for more information -

Not sure if our kung fu is right for you? Try out a class for free.  Please come down to Millennium Place during any class and see what our kung fu is about.

Millenium Place is located at
2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Please e-mail if you would like more information on the program.

Certificate of Appointmentcertificate

Our Kung Fu group is proud to announce Si-Fu Tom's appointment as Honorary President of the Ng Siu Chung Pak Hok Martial Arts Institute. 

This appointment recognizes Tom for his efforts to promote Pak Hok Pai in Canada and demonstrates our group's commitment to continue to pass on the Art of Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu from Grand Master Ng Siu Chung.


Face Book Web Page

Come visit us on facebook at the TWC Kung Fu Energizer Kwoon page  or our Group Page for more discussions, photos and videos!

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival

Our team has peformed at the Edmonton Dragon Boat festival for the past 8 years! Look on our Photo Gallery page for pictures.

View our latest kung fu demonstration on YouTube:


2014 Form and Technique Demo

2012 Form and Technique Demo

2011 slide show

2010 team demo    hand technique & halberd form demo

Hong Kong

HKbannerFrom October 26 to November 02, Tom travelled to Hong Kong to train kung fu and perform at the Pak Hok Athletic Federation gala.

The week long trip was spent training with his Sifu Kwong-Yu Chan and with many Pak Hok Pai instructors under SiGung Ho Don Bin's lineage. While in Hong Kong, Tom trained together with Kung Fu brother Sifu Charles DaCosta from Denmark Pak Hok Pai association. The experience was great and Tom learned many new skills to take back to students in Edmonton. Tom also took part in the Pak Hok Pai gala and demonstrated SiGung Frank Lee's Pak Hok Kuen set.

Tom continues to meet with his teachers every couple of years to update training.

Some photos can be found in the photo gallery section