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Our instructors are dedicated to your success and to passing on the principles and techniques of traditional Tibetan White Crane kung fu.


Head Instructor


Si-Fu Tom HaberSifu Tom

Si-Fu Tom started training Kung Fu in 1980. In that time Tom has won many medals at martial arts tournaments across Western Canada and has been leading the TWC Kung Fu School since 2004. 

Si-Fu Tom has been appointed Honorary  President of the Ng Siu Chung Martial Arts Institute in Hong Kong for his dedication to passing on traditional Pak Hok Pai.


Competitive Fighting Instructor

Shaun McDonald

Shaun McDonald

Shaun started training White Crane Kung Fu in 2003. A veteran of many tournaments, he has competed in kickboxing, modified muay thai, and sanda. He brings this experience and his years of training when guiding students.

Kung Fu InstructorsGM Sword Leap


Graham Morris

Si-Hing Graham started training wth Si-Fu Tom in 2006 and has earned his black sash in 2011.  Graham has competed in both traditional form, weapons and continuous sparring tournaments.

Albert 2012

Albert Leung

Si-Hing Albert has been training Sil-Lum and Tibetan White Crane with Si-Fu Tom since 2004.


Karina Kicks

Karina Thomas

Si-Jie Karina has been training with Si-Fu Tom since 2008 and competed across Canada winning many medals for competitive fighting, hand and weapons forms.