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Si-Fu Tom Habertswd

Si-Fu Tom teaches out of the Energizer fitness centre located in downtown Edmonton and at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Si-Fu Tom (道睿, Dao Yui) is a 6th generation disciple of Grand Master Ng Siu Chung and has been practicing Kung Fu for over 37 years and leading his own group since 2005.

Our primary style is Tibetan White Crane (Pak Hok Pai) which we practice together with Lee Gar (Frank Lee's Kung Fu), Hung Gar and few other sets from the Sil-Lum styles.  These additional styles complement our Tibetan White Crane style and teach the student other aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts. 

Si-Gung Ho Dong Bin and Pak Hok Pai Group in Hong Kong

TommyandCharlesOur Tibetan White Crane (Pak Hok Pai) lineage is drawn through Si-Fu Kwong-Yu Chan and members of the parent group in Hong Kong under Si-Gung Ho Dong Bin.

Our complete Pak Hok Pai lineage:
Ng Siu Chung > Kwong Poon Fu > Ngai Yuk Tong > Ho Dong Bin > Kwong-Yu Chan > Tom Haber. 

(Left) Si-Gung Ho and Tom Haber in Hong Kong, November 2016.  (Right) Tom training with Si-Suk Tommy and Si-Hing Charles in Hong Kong, November 2012.

(Above) Some of the members of the TWC Kung Fu group in Hong Kong under Si-Gung Ho (November 2016)

Grand Master Ng Siu Chung

NgSiuChungGrandmaster Ng Siu Chung (Wu Zhao Zhong) (left) of Sansui, Guangdong, alsoJin Ru Lai Fuo known as Wei An studied White Crane Boxing and Chinese medicine from Wong Lam Hoi (Huang Lin Kai), later he continued his studies of White Crane boxing from Wong Lam Hoi 's boxing brother Zhu Zi Yao. Ng became the successor and leader of the White Crane Boxing Clan when he received the symbolic statue called "Jin Ru Lai Fuo" (right) from Wong Lam Hoi. When grandmaster Ng was a young man in Macau he was famous for his martial art prowess and in the 1940's he moved to Hong Kong.

Grandmaster Ng taught many outstanding students in his life. Among them were Kwong Poon Fu, Luk Chi Fu, Chan Hak Fu, Ng Ying Kam, Au Wing Ning, Wu Ying Jian, Tang Chek Ming, Li Jian Qin and others, who would later open their own boxing school and became famous in their own rights.kwongbonfu

Kwong Poon Fu ( 邝本夫) , (right) was one of the most senior disciple of Grandmaster Ng Siu Chung and has passed away on May 15, 2006. He lived to a respectable age of 100. Kwong Poon Fu taught many Si-Fu's across the world including his top disciple Ngai Yuk Tong. Our Si-Gung is the top disciple of Ngai Yuk Tong. Ngai Yuk Tong passed away on March 6, 2012.

Luk Chi FuLu Zhi Fu ( Luk Chi Fu) 陆智夫 (left) was also a famous disciple of Grand Master Ng Siu Chung. Luk Chi Fu opened his martial art school during his teen years in Guangzhou, later transferred to Hong Kong, he passed away years ago in Hong Kong.