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Tom Haber



Gum Gong Kuen - Here is the full and complete set of the Tibetan White Crane kung fu form "Gum Gong" which also means Heavenly Warrior or Diamond Fist. It is to be performed fast and trains agility and stamina.

Gum Gong Kuen Training and Applications are shown in the video below:

Chut Yup Bo - Here is a version of Chut Yup Bo, also known as "Reciprocating Step" or "Forwarding & Withdrawing Step" from Frank Lee (Lee Gar). I learned this form way back in 1981 from Si-Gung Lee Pang (Frank Lee). It was one of my first forms to learn and is one of my favourites.  If you practice Tibetan White Crane (Pak Hok Pai) you may recognize pieces of the form. The Lee Gar version is quite different from the original Tibetan White Crane version (the Lee Gar version is about 80% of part one, and 10% of part two of the original form and is performed more closely to a Sil Lum style). I hope you can appreciate the similarities and the differences.

Chut Yup Bo Training and Applications are shown in the video below:

Tiet Lin Kuen - The demo sequence shows other techniques including some hooking hands, upper palm thrust and finger poke. After the techniques demo I have included the first line of Iron Chain Fist form (Tiet Lin Kuen) so you may see a form that contains the elements of the strike.

Kam Li Sau - This form name translates to "Grabbing Hands" and contains many grabs and claw hands.  The foot work and hand motions are more advanced in this set.