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Kung Fu Training

We practice Pak Hok Pai (Tibetan White Crane) together with Hung Gar. Our main style and basic training exercises come from traditional Pak Hok Pai.

KFpunchPak Hok Pai is a very powerful style which demands much dedication, time and effort to master. The focus of the power comes directly from the waist, with fully extended punches that strike right through the opponent. There is no holding back in a fight, you are either committed to it or you don't fight. Such is the case with training as well. There is no middle ground. The student must accept that this is hard work, but the benefits tremendous.The basics are very important, they lay the foundation for all your training and success. Some schools view basics as something to master so you can "get on to real training". This is a grave error in training. A Pak Hok Pai student never moves beyond training in the basic punches and kicks.

Although our Gung Fu has many advanced forms, movements and techniques, it is the basics that are key to mastery. Perhaps a contradictory statement to some but the logic is simple. Most advanced techniques are superfluous and difficult to properly execute in a combative situation. Put plainly, the simpler and more direct the technique the more practical and effective it is. My advice to the new student is train hard and never relent. Building mastery and your internal power (Ging) only comes from hard practice and dedicated effort. Never think you can move beyond the basics, for they are the key to your Art.

Tom Haber

Basics Program 

Traditional Tibetan White Crane (Pak Hok Pai) kung fu training program with over 50 exercises including:

  • Core strengthening
  • 6 power fists
  • Kicking fundamentals
  • close quarters combat - knees and elbows
  • 3 star blocking and body conditioning
  • Grabbing Hands and Open Palm Striking
  • Weapons Training

View our 10 week Introductory Program for beginners

Basic Fists Introduction Video

Below - Pak Hok Butterfly Double Swords
Wu Dip Shuang Yau Darn Dau - 蝴蝶双刀